A team of filmmakers in Leicester have made a big step in making their project a reality after reaching their funding goal last week.

‘The Nail That Sticks Out’ is a short film being made by a group of masters students at De Montfort University.

The film tells the story of Aiko, a controversial Japanese artist living in the UK, who is struggling to complete her latest collection. Her muse and girlfriend, Elisabeth, faces her own pressures dealing with her fledgling acting career. The journey to Aiko’s final masterpiece takes in passion, lust, obsession and shows no sign of a happy ending.

Funded by admirers of the project online who were vital to the film’s success, after obtaining their £4,000 goal, the filmmakers from their Indiegogo project wrote to their backers: “Thank you for being a part of our incredible journey to bring The Nail That Sticks Out to life. Before we launched, we didn’t know who else would be as excited about our idea as we were.”

Following their funding success, shooting for the project will now take place at the end of July. With a premiere and subsequent release of the film being scheduled for late September.


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