University of Leicester Students Union has tabled plans to replace the iconic and well loved Queens Hall venue, also known as O2 Academy 2, in 2017/18.

Having played host to Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley and countless other legendary artists over the years, Queens Hall is a spectacular wood-panelled venue, which still routinely hosts emerging and established musical talent.

Plans for the space include a food court to extend the Percy Gee Building’s commercial offering for students, with a second floor of amenities under discussion, potentially including a new venue, at Queens Hall’s current balcony height.

We have approached the SU for comment, and will publish their response when we receive it.

Update: A Petition has been started in support of the venue. Read more here:

Chris is a Sparrow.


          • It seems rather vague with lots of potential plans and no certainties. Are there any solid plans, or is it still just planning?
            It would be odd for the UOLSU not to have publicised or confirmed it through their own channels if they had solid plans.

          • We’re awaiting a statement from the SU and have been for a little while, but they have verbally confirmed this to us. We’ll publish that full statement when we get it from them, because we believe it’s important that they give their perspective on this.

            To clarify: this plan, at least for the ground floor level, is in the late stages of being signed off by the many parties that are required to do so – but it is the intent, and we felt it was in the local interest to report that intent.

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