It will probably come as no surprise that we, The Weekend Collective, love brunch. It is, after all, a cultural activity which has no place in Monday to Friday life. So in honour of the most leisurely of meals, we’ve founded our own Brunch Club – to make a real monthly effort to appreciate good food and good friends.

For our last date, our venue was the newly opened Delilah Fine Foods, an import from across the border in Nottingham. Our company was a couple of adventure-loving friends, who we’ve connected with through blogging; Janet blogs at Someone, Somewhere and Laura is the face behind Make, Do and Mend. Laura is a Nottingham dweller, so a visit to Delilah seemed particularly appropriate.

DSC05421 (1)_webSet in a lovingly restored building in the heart of St Martins, Delilah boasts an array of delightful deli items. The menu format is simple and effective; a selection of sandwiches, salads, and tapas showcasing the very best of Delilah’s impeccably sourced produce.

So with such a wide range of foodie finery on offer and four hungry mouths to feed, what did we opt for? The same sandwich. All of us. But what a sandwich it was!
Grilled halloumi on a bed of roasted vegetables with homemade harissa yoghurt. Delicious. (To be honest, there was one small difference in our orders –  three of us opted for sourdough bread while Janet bravely branched out with ciabatta – a real rebel).

We ate outside, grasping at the few glimmers of sunshine our terrible English Summer had to offer. And what do bloggers talk about when out to lunch? Blogging, obviously. But we’re also all fans of good books, creative pursuits, and vintage shopping –  so there was plenty of swapping stories and ideas of places to visit, things to do and stuff to read.

DSC05419_webOne of the joys of blogging is the community it builds. Friendships can be forged without even meeting a person, we have friends all over the world whom we’ve never met, so we’re very lucky to have met Laura and Janet who just happen to live nearby.

Brunch was, needless to say, followed by an obligatory rummage through the nearby charity shops and more chatter. An excellent way to spend a Sunday.

Elle is a freelance artisan baker and patissier. Becca is a radio producer and podcast enthusiast. The two became friends after discovering a shared love of cake and lofi photography. They live in Leicester and co-run the lifestyle blog The Weekend Collective - a celebration of creativity, free time and brunch!

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