Review: Tom Marlow – Shaken

Tom Marlow is a Leicester based producer who’s spent the last few years turning out hip-hop and dance influenced pop music from his home studio. Shaken is one of a series of singles Tom has been self releasing.

Initially Shaken feels a little pedestrian. The genre isn’t necessarily known for ground breaking lyrics, but what’s on offer here does nothing to inspire a great deal of emotion, which, when coupled with a relatively conventional vocal performance verges on mundane. Instrumentally, the track is an impressive slice of dance music that sounds great but goes nowhere especially exciting. The chorus is real hands in the air stuff, but third time around you’re hoping for more.

It’s important to remember that Tom is barely out of his teens, and while it’s got a way to go, this is a sonically impressive track that has the bones of something great. Shaken shows that there is incredible promise from a young talent on the verge of brilliance. With the right guiding hand, there is an exciting future in store.

Chris is a Sparrow.

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