The BBC described the sound of The Daydream Club as “beautiful music by beautiful people” and this album is certainly that. As the labels on the proverbial tin say this is a collection of ambient sound sculptures that could easily be the soundtrack to the movie of our dreams, be they daydreams or those engulfed in the darkness of night. Whichever – they are are fine place to be. Taking a departure from previous releases, these tracks combine multi-instrumental layers – piano and strings included – with intentional backward vocals that drift in like religious harmonies or float across our consciousness like some other worldly communication.

Questioning the world that exists around us, one that may lead us to despair at times, with titles such as “A Change Must Come”, “There’s Hope However” and “Better, Simplified, Unified”, this album serves as a musical manifesto for current events and with the album concluding with “A Change May Come” it’s clear that where this husband and wife duo have their questions, there is hope, but we need to seize it while we can. The title for “We Sleep But Fail To Dream” is a challenge – dare to dream, make the possible happen. It’s not too late. As you listen to this album you are taken to that other world and if you let it, it will guide your dreams to a better place. The ambient sounds are so strong that recognisable words are not necessary, but with the song titles in mind it’s all clear. Join the Daydream Club, listen to this album and float on the surface of possibility.

Adrian Manning is a Leicester based writer. He has had hundreds of poems, articles and reviews published in print and on-line and has recorded and released some of his poems with local musicians. He is the editor of Concrete Meat Press and can often be found extolling his passionate views about the incredible Leicester bands and venues that he loves.

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