Praise be, a new Resident Evil is upon us. But at least it’s “The Final Chapter”. Right?

The sixth, and allegedly final, instalment in the video-game adaptation sees Alice return to Raccoon City in the hope to finally end the tyrant Umbrella Organisation and restore what remains of humanity.

The film begins with a recap of the previous five instalments in the series, which isn’t a bad idea, unless you then proceed to wipe the slate clean, essentially saying what happened previously either didn’t actually happen or it was all an illusion – spoiler alert – something they end up doing.

In the end, all the opening recap did was remind me how much I disliked the previous five films.

The plot (I use that term loosely) is laughable. Its attempts to tie up loose ends and swerve the audience from revelation to revelation are poor. It’s sloppy filmmaking at best and is insulting to the audience.

Writer/Director Paul W.S. Anderson covers up his awful use of dialogue with action scenes that are so scrappy and choppy that it induce headaches.

Is it really ‘The Final Chapter’? Of course it isn’t. But hallelujah it’s over for now.

Jamie is a die-hard film fanatic. A weekly, sometimes daily, cinema go-er and owner of almost 2000 films on DVD, he once spent a 14 day holiday everyday in the cinema. And it was the best holiday ever.

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