While google might still believe Nylon-9 is prepared from unsaturated fatty derivatives, those in the know will tell you that Nylon 9 were actually formed in the Kool-Aid drenched primordial soup of the Leicester music scene. For the Nylon 9 we know and love consist of Emma Dickinson, Stuart Carter, Mike Ashton-Whitelam, Gary French and Christina Wigmore – who between them have also been involved in the likes of jesuscarfish, Crazyhead, Potato Legends, Theme, Matilda’s Dream, The Shapiros, and Dempsey…

Plastics kicks off with the fast paced Morse and maintains the velocity over six tracks, until finally slowing a little for Freaks,┬ábefore accelerating once again towards the close. There are a couple of interludes and samples interspersed along the way, many of a scientific leaning about plastics (of course), which give the listener a breather, but on the whole you’ll find yourself exhausted if you try and dance to the whole thing in one sitting.

Emma’s voice stands out across the album. A singing voice that is a throwback to an earlier time and it gives the album a heavier sound. Meanwhile the guitar and organ interweave superbly, toying with each other while the bass and drums race along, setting the pace.

It’s a captivating album, delivered by a band who know how to make great music. The core of the sound (the guitar, drums and organ) is garage rock / proto-punk but it’s layered up a little, modernised while maintaining it’s style. It’s music written to blast out from your Ford Capri… via the USB port.

Plastics is available as a CD from the band or via their Bandcamp.

Keith grew up in the time of punk, and has never lost his passion for music. A regular in the music venues of Leicester he's been helping chronicle the local scene for a number of years now.

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