It’s hard to describe Not My Good Arm’s sound – which is a good thing. This EP contains a number of tracks that, between them, are as eclectic as their live shows. The vocals range from a blues growl vaguely reminiscent of Beefheart or Waits to more melodic sing along style. Backed by brass instruments that at times tend towards ska based rhythms but at others seem almost Latin American in feel and guitars and bass that rumble, riff and pick out melodies in equal measure, no one track sounds like another, but there is a consistency in attitude. Imagine some cool horns surfing over a driving guitar and rhythm section with forceful vocals that move with a frantic energy to each songs conclusion and you’re there.

Adrian Manning is a Leicester based writer. He has had hundreds of poems, articles and reviews published in print and on-line and has recorded and released some of his poems with local musicians. He is the editor of Concrete Meat Press and can often be found extolling his passionate views about the incredible Leicester bands and venues that he loves.

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