In a world where grown adults are playing Pokémon Go and the young generation of today are willing to do anything to become the next viral internet sensation, Nerve is a smart and intelligent thriller.

It’s well structured plot uses today’s society as its basis, and can easily be looked at as a social commentary on how society acts and how quickly the lure and buzz of viral sensations become overwhelming.

For its first two acts the film uses these themes to its advantage, but loses steam when it moves into the third. What started out smart and engaging becomes overly complicated and somewhat ridiculous. The characters quickly become people they very clearly aren’t and the smart and intelligent script descends into absurdity.

The performances lack chemistry or conviction and Emma Roberts and Dave Franco share awkward exchanges on screen, mostly due to Franco’s somewhat creepy smiles.

This feels like another case of wasted potential, and instead of a serious modern day thriller with contemporary themes, Nerve pitches itself as the Dumb and Dumber of social media.

Jamie is a die-hard film fanatic. A weekly, sometimes daily, cinema go-er and owner of almost 2000 films on DVD, he once spent a 14 day holiday everyday in the cinema. And it was the best holiday ever.

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