If you exist within the confines of practically any part of the music scene in Leicester, you probably already know who Kermes are. If you don’t, then immediately stop whatever you’re doing and listen to them.

No Names / No Flags is the latest single from the Quartet and is decidedly more mature than the scratchy indie/punk, for which they have become so well known. It feels more thought out Structurally, and the musicianship has definitely stepped up a gear – fearlessly exploring the use of space and the haunting emptiness it creates.  Building on the current popularity of Shoegaze, NN/NF is driven by a rhythmic, repetitive bass line while singer/guitarist Emily’s hypnotic vocal delicately dances across it. No new ground is being broken here, but it’s certainly being traversed with confidence.

This is all without straying too far from their ‘signature’ blend of early era Libertines infused fun and chaos. It feels familiar, but definitely boasts of exciting things to come.

Kermes. Bloody Kermes. They do the thing, so very, very well.

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