First of all, what a great EP title. I may raise some eyebrows and evoke whispers of “Wavey Shirt what now?” but I’m pretty sure that is exactly what Kamakaze wants.

“But who is Kamakaze?” I hear you whisper. Kamakaze is a rapper/MC who has his roots firmly in Leicester and continues to promote his hometown whilst making ground in London and the UK Scene as whole. In addition to championing Leicester in the finals of Red Bulls Grime a Side competition, he has over three million views on YouTube and has recorded a Fire in the Booth with Charlie Sloth.

The opening track ‘Back Now’ is exactly what you expect from someone with those credentials. Initially something that could be Grimes or Bon Iver, it is that type of 2017 Grime that fuses dynamite lyricism, a melodic chorus and creative beats. It’s a very strong opening statement to this six track EP.

There are certainly comparisons to be made with British artists such as Wretch 32 and as you get into the meat of this release, there is something familiar to The Streets. A relaxed and controlled MC with tons of great catchy lines, “I’m the waviest, I put faith in the atheist”.

Kamakaze has created a superb EP that blends classic American R’n’B and Hip-Hop with Great British Grime (which I heard Mary Berry is hosting next year on the Beeb).

I originally thought the EP could perhaps be improved with some grit and aggression then I heard ‘Sour Grapes’ which is packed full of venom. Each track comes at you from different angles and really hooks you in. You can’t help but be excited by the fact this an EP – a mere snippet of Kamakaze’s capabilities. Leicester is lucky that he identifies so strongly with the city as there is no doubt he is going to be a chart topper.


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