Review: Jitterz – Get A Real Job

Beth Morris and Jamie Brown have been making noise under the name Jitterz for a little while now, and while they describe themselves as “The White Stripes on a bad day”, that does them something of a disservice. Live they’re a ball of nervous energy, and Get A Real Job┬átranslates that to recorded form perfectly.

One Good Song is a breathless ode to 9-5 monotony. Lyrically It might be straight out of the punk rock playbook, but it’s an earworm of epic proportions. Girl I Hate You is a more considered and less raucous bluesy pop song that proves they can reign in the distortion or shred out a solo when it’s appropriate.

Lobotomy Eyes takes another gentle change of direction. Slowing things down and, with Jamie’s vocals joining Beth’s for the first time, laying on some thickly hypnotic harmonies. Unicorns and Glitter closes out the record with more drum-tight angular punk, the bookend to One Good Song’s opening Salvo.

This is exactly what you’d hope for from this two-piece who have been wielding undocumented promise for a little while now. It takes everything there is to love about them and distills it in to a concise four-track package in a way that more elaborate production or more intricate instrumentation would only distract attention. A perfect introduction to an exciting new prospect.

Get A Real Job is out Friday 28th July via Jitterz Bandcamp.

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Great Central, John has been actively involved in Leicester's creative community for over a decade - promoting shows and releasing records under the name Robot Needs Home. He is a director of Handmade Festival, and ex member of the band Maybeshewill.

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