Joe Doyle, AKA Homeless Shakespeare, has undertaken the ambitious task of recording an epic collection of songs – currently well in to double figures and growing by the day – which listeners can tailor in to selections and orders of their choosing to create their own album. Skipping across genres as they do, it’s virtually impossible to give you even the slightest taste of the scope of the album here, but it’s mostly exactly what you’d expect from Joe – bluesy, folky rock. While the concept behind the record is intriguing, the songs could perhaps have done with some self-selection. Trusting his own judgement to create a more conventional record of ten or so of the best would have created a more consistently strong album, and allowed a little more time to be spent on refining and perfecting each songs production. A more concise product would maybe give listeners a little more time to live with the tracks and fall in love with them, rather than drowning in the output of an incredibly prolific songwriter.

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Great Central, John has been actively involved in Leicester's creative community for over a decade - promoting shows and releasing records under the name Robot Needs Home. He is a director of Handmade Festival, and ex member of the band Maybeshewill.

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