The Great Wall has received a rather poor reception from critics, but I think the key to enjoying this rather intriguing and action-fuelled funfest is scope.

Matt Damon stars as a European mercenary hunting for black powder, but suddenly becomes embroiled in the defense of the Great Wall of China against a horde of monstrous creatures.

In the cinema, The Great Wall is an incredibly fun, entertaining, thrilling movie. Elsewhere, it’s probably average at best – or as the other reviews would have you believe – a great bore.

The action scenes are really well shot and choreographed and watching them on the big screen you’ll probably enjoy this film as much as I did. Its concept is original, and its scope is epic.

At 103 minutes long, it’s the perfect length and is never over-drawn, making it a snappy movie.

Its performances lack any sort of depth or connection, which is an obvious handicap to the film’s other good qualities. Matt Damon’s accent is a character itself, jumping from one extreme to the other.

Sure it’s not as grand a battle movie as Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers but as an attempt to bridge Chinese cinema with Hollywood cinema I think The Great Wall is a taster for what future Chinese-Hollywood collaborations can bring.

If not that, then at least it’s one heck of a fun movie.

Jamie is a die-hard film fanatic. A weekly, sometimes daily, cinema go-er and owner of almost 2000 films on DVD, he once spent a 14 day holiday everyday in the cinema. And it was the best holiday ever.

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