Review: Dayflower – Daisy Age

Leicester’s newly upbeat dreampop-shoegazers take another step into the sunshine with Daisy Age, their last one-shot release before they begin work on their first full-length album. A shimmering ray of gently psychedelic indie, it’s genre-straddling without pushing too many limits. At five minutes, there’s a little more to it than one might expect from the opening notes, but it’s never in danger of outstaying its welcome. Frontman Alex Clemence breezes assuredly through a whole bunch of hooks over the top of pleasant, twangy instrumentation. Quite a way from world-changing, but certainly day-brightening, and well-placed to work beautifully in a live setting.

Daisy Age is available from all good digital retailers now.

Charles Wheeler is a writer, performance poet and shameless cultural hanger-on. In his spare time, he can be found refereeing pro wrestling and looking after his pet rats. He is ambivalent about Marmite.

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