If Alfred Hithcock was the master of suspense then Denis Villeneuve is swiftly becoming the master of thrillers.

Following on from the terrific Prisoners and the nerve-shattering Sicario, Denis Villeneuve moves onto the sci-fi genre and delivers one of the most mature and thrilling Alien invasion flicks to ever grace the big screen.

Amy Adams stars as Louise Banks, a linguist who is recruited by the military to assist in translating alien communications whilst dealing with a traumatic past.

Arrival is breathtaking. Villeneuve does a tremendous job at making even the most basic scenes seem tense. His filmmaking style is both powerful and beautiful to behold. There’s no major shootout or mass destruction here (see Independence Day for that), instead it’s all about character and he treats those characters with grace and respect.

Amy Adams gives the performance of her career, portraying a smart but emotionally damaged female protagonist. The character is incredibly complex, but she puts in an Oscar worthy performance with ease, with assistance her from co-stars Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker.

This is yet another tense thriller to add to Denis Villeneuve’s impressive filmography and a top contender for film of the year.

Jamie is a die-hard film fanatic. A weekly, sometimes daily, cinema go-er and owner of almost 2000 films on DVD, he once spent a 14 day holiday everyday in the cinema. And it was the best holiday ever.

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