The Resemblance is the work of Leicestershire based rapper 5Steady. Originally from Tottenham, North London, 5Steady began rapping in the late 90’s at the young age of 12.  The bars stopped at age 21 due to finishing a business degree at De Montfort University and believing he was set for the corporate life.

Although only four tracks, it’s a real treat (especially in the car). The biggest hook being the use of samples such as Tracey Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’ and Sinatra’s ‘My Way’. Some of the beats are rather simplistic but the lyricism more than makes up for it. There could be some more experimentation in delivery which hopefully will come through in future releases.

This EP was essentially bubbling away inside of 5Steady for a good seven years, whilst he watched political issues develop and his world views change. Switching the daunting neighborhoods of Tottenham for Leicestershire and maturing into parenthood (which can be heard with the delightful skit), 5Steady has provided fun and thoughtful rap with an RnB vibe.

However, it is understandably underdeveloped but you can feel that this is a professional who will ensure his next work will definitely be sharper whilst retaining the level of relatability. He has already prepped for future releases and has a strong sense of where he wants his music to go.

5Steady shows future potential and maturity. Refreshing to hear a rapper use lyricism for personal issues such as family and thoughts on wealth rather than about how many guns they can fit in their shoes or how they have a car with a watch factory under the bonnet.

You can download the EP for Free from 5Steady’s Soundcloud and be sure to watch out for future releases as well as live performances around Leicester City Centre.



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