Teenage love can feel like the most powerful thing in the world. But even first love isn’t stronger than the sheer force of an eating disorder. It won’t stop a 15 year-old David Ralf from trying to save his girlfriend Kate, though.

Created in collaboration with psychologists specialising in the role of carers of people with eating disorders, this play looks at the impact of mental illness on relationships and the weight that comes with being a carer for that person.

After critically acclaimed shows at Summerhall in Edinburgh this year, Tell Me Anything is now on its UK tour, stopping in Leicester at one of the city’s beacons for new writing – Attenborough Arts Centre.

Exploring whether it is possible to heal another person, the show pieces together the past from the eyes of the now fully grown David. Should he have behaved differently? Could he have behaved differently? Where does our impulse to care or save someone come from, and is it always the right place?

A fascinating examination of masculinity, vanity and ultimately the limits and challenges of empathy, On the Run’s show asks us to reflect on our own ability to care, when perhaps we need caring for too.

Tell Me Anything is at Attenborough Arts Centre on Friday 10th November

Photography by Alex Brenner

Natalie Beech is a playwright, freelance journalist and Deputy Editor of Great Central.

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