Lindsey Warnes Carroll and Graham Milton return for a second year with their incredible show detailing Tom Cruise’s early years – except in their world, Tom Cruise decided to kick-start his career in the Suffolk town of Ipswich. Featuring reworkings of a whole bunch of Tom’s early hit movies, songs, dodgy accents and a surprising amount of baby oil and talcum powder, Mission Impossible Ipswich is a must-watch show. Stick around for a Lonely Planet-style guide to Ipswich, where both Graham and Lindsey spent their formative years.

Gray’s@LCB Depot – Lightbox, 8:00PM 10th & 23rd February

Dan Wallbank has been floating around the Leicester comedy scene for five years and the music scene for ten. He's the founder of Comedy and Cocktails at Manhattan34, host of the Firebug Pop Quiz and creator of Instant Nostalgia, the podcast that reviews itself.

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