Returning with an album next year, Menace Beach are making new waves. With their 90’s style alt-rock and noise-pop beats, the band, headed by Liza Violet and Ryan Needham, have announced new album Lemon Memory for release on 20th January ahead of their UK tour.

This is a band that are two albums and three EPs into their career, and they’ve cemented their lineup with a medley of incredible musicians. Violet and Needham are Joined by Nestor of Sky Larkin, Matt Spalding of You Animals and Nick Chantler, and for this record they’ve taken a mellower direction that’s a little more sugar and not so much scuzz.It’s the sound of a band finding their own identity, edging closer to some sort of grimy truth. Lead single Maybe We’ll Drown neatly encapsulates millennial worries and finds Liza taking the lead vocal – as she does on much of the record. If their debut Ratworld was Ryan’s record, then Lemon Memory is very much the Liza LP.

Menace Beach is a bi-product of a love of beer and the claustrophobic exposure you get to each other on the touring circuit.  Crossing paths whilst playing with other bands, each member sort of fell into the mix, but they have a pretty open relationship with the music scene, and it would be no surprise if others joined them along the way. This fluid movement of talent only enhances their music, as they capture and create a coherent mess – a little bit grungy and a little bit fuzzy.

Catch Menace Beach at The Cookie in Leicester, on 9th February.


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