Low Key is one of the UK’s most respected Hip Hop Rappers thanks to his hard-hitting messages delivered with near inhuman effortless flow. A Low Key in performance, in the diverse city of Leicester, is certainly an eagerly anticipated event. Many are already die hard fans, or have recently heard Low Key’s powerful voice and words through his involvement in the Grenfell Ghosts video – the release of which supported the victims, families and community affected by the Grenfell Tower Tragedy in West London.

Low Key is widely known for his longstanding commitment to political activism. He is a byword on the underground Hip Hop scene ranked highly alongside Hip Hop Artist Akala (who enjoys a much higher media profile). Both have an uncompromising stance with regard to the political issues of the day. They are stridently vocal critics of what they see as commercial mainstream Hip Hop. Low Key is a keen creative collaborator. Key partners include Reverend and the Makers, Baby Shambles and the Artic Monkeys in a group called Mongrel.

Impressively, his lyrical creative force has flowed across such iconic stages as Glastonbury, T In the Park, and the Electric Proms – all of which consolidated his reputation and growing fan base. Low Key started on the Microphone at 12 years of age and, later, in his teens released a Mix Tape titled Key to the Game, followed in 2009 by a full album titled Dear Listener.

Low Key broke from music between releases to do charity work and Humanitarian Missions to Palestine, before his return to release the album Soundtrack to the Struggle SBTV said that SttS “solidifies Low Key’s position at the forefront of UK Hip Hop”.

In 2012 he took another break from music, to focus on study, returning later with the single Ahmed, which explores the Refugee Crisis.

Alongside his music, Low Key’s political work includes being a member of the Stop the War Coalition, Writer for the Guardian Newspaper, and other publications. Some of the titles of Low Key’s tracks reflect his political passion e.g. Terrorist? (2010), Obama Nation (2010), Children of the Diaspora (2016) and Grenfell Ghosts (2017)

What can you expect with Low Key on the Microphone, in Leicester? Fiery political charged rhymes and pathos, dope music, from a growing legend of UK Hip Hop-an unforgettable experience not to be missed!

Low is supported at the event, by Mic Righteous, other support artists include Awate, Lady Sanity, Loanski and Comprehend, MC’s from Leicester. DJ’s are Miss C Brown and Leicester’s Afro Space.

Low Key Live In Leicester takes place on Thursday 21st September from 7pm at 2Funky Music Café New Park St.

Carol Leeming FRSA works as a Multi-Artist, and freelance writer: of poetry, plays, prose, magazine articles and Blogs. Carol’s work is published widely, in print, and online. Carol's creative writing is performed onstage and broadcast on radio. Carol is a director of music and theatre, and a curator of diverse arts cultural events locally and regionally.

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