When Hull punks LIFE self-released their debut album, it was heralded as a manifesto for the disillusioned. Now, their new songs show no sign of easing off the accelerator, with latest single ‘Grown Up’ getting considerable airplay. With an on stage performance that captivates, enthrals and excites they are a band to catch live. Rarely is such power and anger so succinctly embodied in music from a band that put every gram of energy into their performance.

In a very limited tour, it is an honour that Leicester has been selected so don’t let the opportunity go to waste. Put on your ‘Rare Boots’, get down to the Shed and become a LIFER!

LIFE play the Shed on Friday 15th June.

Keith grew up in the time of punk, and has never lost his passion for music. A regular in the music venues of Leicester he's been helping chronicle the local scene for a number of years now.

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