“Rome is only a two hour flight from London, that makes it a suburb” sneers Simon Munnery.

London is a bizarre place. Such a vast wealth of culture and actual physical wealth yet also dingy and somewhat dangerous. Why can’t it come to me? Why must we, the unmentionables who live outside of this paradise, with its Elephants and Castles, and Angels and Marble Arches (Archi?), why must we go to it rather than it comes to us? Why can’t it rise up from the earth, float menacingly 103miles like the spaceship from District 9 up the M1 and land gracefully next to Leicester so we can bask in its superior comedy nights? For that is all we really want.

Sorry? There is going to be a London comedy evening? In Leicester? Well that’s more rhetorical questions then I can handle. Or is it? It is.

Laugh Out London has absolutely rocketed through the capital in the last six years and is now comfortably known as one of London’s top clubs with circuit and TV heavyweights performing regularly. London has such a plethora of comedy venues and probably over 90% of the nations top professional comedians, it is no easy feat what Laugh Out London has achieved. It is such a success that they have done exactly what all successful entities should do, float menacingly 103 miles up the M1 and set up an event in the heart of rural England.

Readers and readettes, on Saturday, the 22nd of June, 2017, there will be a Laugh Out Leicester event at the magnificent venue that is Firebug.

If you’ve ever been to watch Stand-Up Comedy at Firebug, it is a truly perfect venue for the artform and it is no surprise it received a nomination for best small venue at this year’s comedy festival. No matter what the time of day, it is great for comedy, especially on a summery Saturday in July.

This event has an outstanding line up of four of Laugh Out London’s highly rated performers running out their Edinburgh Previews before they travel the next 306 miles up the A1 to get to the Edinburgh Comedy Festival.

This comedy spectacular will be kicked off by Stuart Laws at mid-day with his show ‘Stops’. You would have heard Stuart of BBC Radio 4 (come on, you’re an adult now, no more Radio 1) plenty of times and he has supported James Acaster a bunch with his “semi-surreal”(Fest) and “Chronically funny”(Time Out) comedy.

Continuing the day will be Fern Brady, who has appeared on Stewart Lee’s Alternative Comedy Experience as well as Radio 4 (feels good being an adult doesn’t it?) and a show title that you want to mutter to yourself as you use the last of the toilet paper in a public bathroom, “Suffer, Fools!”. If you like your comedy full of classy sassy punchlines, go and watch Fern before she gets up to Edinburgh to have yet another year of sold out shows.

Next up is a real comedy fans favourite in the shape of John Kearns and his preview of “Don’t Worry They’re Here”. If you like your comedians original and oozing praise from every outlet, be sure to watch what will be sure to another brilliant show from the only comedian to have won Best Newcomer and Best Show at the Edinburgh Comedy Awards. Oh, and he’s been on Radio 4 (proper grown up radio).

Finally, is the no-nonsense comedy of Nish Kumar. A star of Live at the Apollo, Russell Howard’s Stand-Up Central and host of BBC Radio 4 (extra mature) Newsjack, Nish Kumar is the complete package comedian. His posters have more stars than a walk of fame and his comedy is so good it is almost objectively funny.

Laugh out Leicester takes place at Firebug on Saturday 22nd June from Midday.



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