This Sunday, Jokes On Us are offering a second chance to see four of the most popular and hotly-requested shows of the Leicester Comedy Festival. So what’s on offer?

The Leicester Comedy Festival is one of the greatest times of year for the city – every day, there are dozens of interesting and hilarious shows to go and see, and sometimes you have to make the heartbreaking decision to go and see one show over another. It’s like Sophie’s Choice, but without all the despair. Luckily for all of us, the lovely folks at Jokes On Us – the Festival’s main purveyors of excellent Pay-What-You-Want comedy – have arranged Second Chance Sunday at The Sound House, a chance to catch four incredible shows with huge demand.

The event kicks off at 5pm with Katie Mulgrew. Katie is a critically-acclaimed comedian from Lancashire who has written for Radio 4, appeared on Radio 2 and CBBC, and co-hosted an ITV2 pilot. Her show “This Guy” – which she describes as a show about “just trying to be a great guy, guys” – was originally scheduled for earlier in the festival but had to be cancelled in unforeseen circumstances.

Katie is followed by Chris Kehoe and his show “The Second Coming of Chris” at 6:30 – Chris is an award-winning satirist and his show contains, according to Jokes On Us’s Dave McGuckin, “the finest joke about spiders and terrorism you’ve ever heard”. His show tackles such deep topics as climate change, racism, and why people would bother to leave an online review for a pedal bin.

The second half of Second Chance Sunday features two shows that are guaranteed to sell out. At 8pm, Lovdev Barpaga’s “Silly Sausage” promises a mixture of quick-fire jokes and hilarious stories – Lovdev himself has seen a huge surge in demand this year following his huge success in being crowned the UK Pun Champion earlier this month, which should probably give you some kind of indication about his show.

Rounding off the day, and the last Jokes On Us show of the festival, Rob Kemp’s “The Elvis Dead” is described in the brochure as “Cult classic horror movie Evil Dead 2, reinterpreted through the songs of Elvis” – and by those who were at the debut performance as one of the most incredible experiences of the festival. The Elvis Dead has already sold all of its reserve seats, so if you want to catch this cult classic in the making then make sure to get to The Sound House with plenty of time to spare. Better yet, get down there in time for all the other shows – you’re pretty well safe in a seat that way…

Second Chance Sunday is at The Sound House, Southampton Street, on Sunday 26th February. All shows are Pay What You Want, and really, really good.

Photography by Paul Banks

Dan Wallbank has been floating around the Leicester comedy scene for five years and the music scene for ten. He's the founder of Comedy and Cocktails at Manhattan34, host of the Firebug Pop Quiz and creator of Instant Nostalgia, the podcast that reviews itself.

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