The original House of Love line-up of lead singer Guy Chadwick, lead guitarist Terry Bickers, drummer Pete Evans and bassist Matt Jury (who has been a member since 2003), return to Leicester after 26 years – their last Leicester show having taken place in the Polytechnic Arena, or as most people now know it, De Montfort University. Expect to hear classics like ‘Shine On’, ‘I Don’t Know Why I Love You’ and ‘Destroy The Heart’ plus don’t rule out hearing some new material too. The House of Love released four albums between 1986 to 1993, the first two both self-titled (though the second was also known as ‘Fontana’ or ‘The Butterfly Album’). Since their comeback in 2003, they have toured the world and released two further albums, both receiving good reviews.

House of Love play The Musician on Thursday 10th November.

Dylan Whatley is the creator of Slap Me On The Patio. He went to his first gig when he was 8 months old, though nowadays he no longer falls asleep in his pushchair when the headline act is on.

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