Darren Harriott is one of the few comedians in the country who has a personality as loud as his choice of shirts. A self-assured confident performer who doesn’t need to grab your attention, he already has it the moment he steps onto the stage. I had a quick chat with him whilst I was at East Midlands Airport (I didn’t have a flight to catch, I like to pretend I’m living the end of Love Actually) and Darren had been rudely awakened by my 2pm phone call.

Even when coming out of a well-deserved afternoon nap, Darren is charming and looking forward to the tour even more than going up to Scotland for the month for the Edinburgh Festival. “Edinburgh is working out the show, there is an element of safety because people take a punt on things up there. The tour is much about giving the audience a great show because there hopefully won’t be people coming by accident. My face and name are quite big and bold on the event information”.

Darren’s show ‘Visceral’ is his first tour and will be rolled out nationwide fresh from the Edinburgh Festival. The show focuses on his background and upbringing in Birmingham, from those tricky teenage years to jobs he has had.

Big and bold is a key element to Darren’s comedy and those who have seen his appearances on Mock the Week and Live at the Apollo know that the former bouncer is in charge of where the comedy comes from. He certainly isn’t the type of the comedian who is wet behind the ears, despite his beaming grin and relaxed attitude, he has an incredible work ethic and the country is sure to see him more and more on their screens.

‘Visceral’ will be at the Cookie on Thursday 18thof October.


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