So, you’ve seen some of the stand-ups off the TV at big arenas and grand theatres. You may have even gone down the local comedy club and seen a couple of lesser known comics. Perhaps, you’ve spent a long weekend up at the Edinburgh Festival and really immersed yourself in the artform. But have you seen comedy mastery in the form of Daniel Kitson?

Watching stand-up comedy can develop from an occasional outing to a real passion where you want to know the obscure comedians and show off a level of cultural superiority. Daniel Kitson is right up at the very top for being an outstanding comedian whilst remaining relatively unknown by the fair-weather comedy fan.

It is a hard time converting the non-believers, as you will struggle to be able to quote a Kitson bit or tell a Kitson joke. A very good friend once said “I was so desperate for the toilet but didn’t want to a miss a single word- it’s that good”. Yes, that good.

And with that in mind, Daniel Kitson is bringing a Christmas comedy show to select number of cities across the UK including Leicester’s Y Theatre. A show about traditions, possibility and the magic of Christmas.

Daniel Kitson is at The Y on Thursday 14th December.


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