Self-described DIY anti-capitalist, queer, feminist, anti-TERF indie band Colour Me Wednesday are back in Leicester this June.

Having stormed the Grace Petrie curated stage at Handmade a couple of years back, and returned to support Daphne and Celeste, of all people, earlier in the year, it’s about time they got headline billing in the wake of the release of astounding full-length Counting Pennies in the Afterlife, packed from start to finish with indie-pop-punk bangers.

Fronted by the Doveton Sisters (Harriet Doveton also plays with The Tuts) their music is comfortably at home alongside the likes of Doe, Muncie Girls, Spook School and Happy Accidents – the latter of which they’re on tour with in Europe at the moment.

It’s lyrically that Colour Me Wednesday really shine. With themes of power politics, personal relationships, intersectional feminism and DIY creativity running through their songs, their heart and soul runs deep below a veneer of spikey pop.

Colour me Wednesday are at Firebug on 24th June.

Chris is a Sparrow.

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