Following their sell out performance of ‘No Woman’s Land’, Zoo Indigo return to Attenborough Arts Centre with a brand new performance ‘Celluloid Souls’. Rosie Garton and Ildiko Rippel collaborate with musician Matt Marks, to re-create and deconstruct your cinema memories in a flurry of foley, wigs, and camera trickery. In their usual abundance of multi-media magic, the performers satirically explore representations of culture, gender and propaganda in Hollywood films. ‘Celluloid Souls’ is a postmodern patchwork of the cinematic; tailor-made for every new audience.

On booking tickets, audience members are asked to submit details of their favourite movie moments along with a cinema related memory; submissions remain anonymous. Accompanied by a live music score and myriad of Foley experiments the performers mix live camera work with film footage to step across the celluloid divide to re-make and deconstruct the audience’s memories. Spoken in both German and English, this highly visual performance employs humour with a dark underscore, to address representations of gender, cultural identity and film as a means of manipulation and propaganda, across different movie genres.

In the darkness of the cinema, we can brush hands, spill popcorn, laugh, scream, become heroes, villains and lovers. We can dream of kissing strangers, riding horses, saving cities and surviving death. We can weep for the horror of the world and no-one will mind.

Celluloid Souls is at Attenborough Arts Centre on the 12th May.

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Great Central, John has been actively involved in Leicester's creative community for over a decade - promoting shows and releasing records under the name Robot Needs Home. He is a director of Handmade Festival, and ex member of the band Maybeshewill.

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