It’s 1989 and British Wrestling has been cancelled by ITV, the American WWF(E) is just beginning on Sky Television and the obituaries for British Wrestling have been written. Decades of being confined to holiday camps and smoky working man’s clubs follow, featuring British talent imitating the top ‘Superstars’ from the USA. ‘British Wrestling’ is, at best, an embarrassment.

Fast forward to 2017 and British Wrestling is the envy of the world.  Wrestlers from the UK and Ireland hold a number of the top championships in the world and British independent promotions sell-out shows in seconds. But how did we get here?

‘British Wrestling History and Resurgence’ aims to tackle that question head-on, through an evening of discussion, training workshops and live wrestling organised by John Kirby, Sam West, Claire Warden and Ben Litherland as part of the Being Human Festival at Attenborough Arts. The evening will also look at the performance art side of wrestling with insight from wrestlers on their creative process.

The evening will feature British heavyweight veteran Dave Mastiff, who has wrestled for some of the world’s most recognised promotions including TNA and Ring of Honor.

British Wrestling: History and Resurgence is at Attenborough Arts Centre on the 19th November, tickets are free.


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