Ahir Shah is bringing his fifth solo show to the Leicester Comedy Festival, and with it he aims to find light in dark times…

Ahir Shah has a great CV. He’s written for Radio 4’s The News Quiz and NewsJack, Channel 4’s Skins, and he’s completed a sitcom pilot. He’s appeared on a raft of Channel 4 shows including Brotherhood, Campus and the Seven Ages of Love. He’s also up to his fifth solo stand-up show, and on his largest nationwide tour to date. On top of all of that, he won Best Show at Leicester Comedy Festival 2014 for his show Texture. Things are looking good for Ahir – that is, as good as they can.

Machines is a show about the world in which we currently live. It had an acclaimed run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe that saw him playing to sold-out audiences, earning him great reviews from The Guardian, The List and The Scotsman. In the show, he takes a look at the rise of ISIS and of Donald Trump, the EU Referendum, and UKIP, all in the context of both the wider world in which we live and his own very personal experiences. According to Ahir himself, he “makes right-on points about democracy, terrorism and technology, and tells some jokes too”.

I can’t promise you that this show will not contain references to the xeno-lizard Illuminati (in fact, spoiler alert, the press release says that it does), but I can promise you that this show is thoughtful, engaging and deep, whilst remaining intelligently funny. The issues are complex, but Ahir Shah can help us all find the humour in them – and right now, that might be what we all need.

Ahir Shah “Machines” will be at The Cookie on February 9th and Silent Comedy at Firebug on 10th February.

Dan Wallbank has been floating around the Leicester comedy scene for five years and the music scene for ten. He's the founder of Comedy and Cocktails at Manhattan34, host of the Firebug Pop Quiz and creator of Instant Nostalgia, the podcast that reviews itself.

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