With five full lengths, numerous EPs soundtracks and more unconventional work under their belt, 65daysofstatic have an intimidatingly dense back-catalogue that is perhaps most accurately surmised as a collision of electronics and synths with a more ‘conventional’ band dynamic. From there their output disappears off in myriad directions, but there is a definite ‘sound’ to 65 both live and on record.

In 2016 they soundtracked procedurally generated and somewhat opinion dividing game No Man’s Sky, exposing them to a mainstream and perhaps unconventional audience for a band of their ilk. They resultant record remains spectacular, and stands to demonstrate the versatile and thoughtful nature of the band.

While their focus appears, at least at present, to be on their installations and more ‘experimental’ musical adventures, this is a rare chance to catch the band performing from their recorded back catalogue as they warm up for Robert Smith’s Meltdown Festival.

65daysofstatic play Dryden Street Social on 13th June.

Chris is a Sparrow.

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