In 2015, local Music Video production company, GM Finney Productions, set out to bring a ‘monster’ of an idea to life. Using their experience from filming theatrical videos for local bands and artists over the last 4 years, and a unique set of bizarre ideas, founder Glenn McAllen-Finney and producer Tommy Bee created a concept for a three-part miniseries entitled ‘The RockMan’.

After a year and a half of filming, ‘The RockMan’ wrapped production in June 2017. Scenes were edited along the way which saved time in post-production, and for a very good reason too. The series takes place on September 21st 2017. The team wanted to host a local premiere on the exact date that the series was set, unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, the date had to be moved to exactly one week later, September 28th 2017, and is due to be held at The Phoenix Cinema, Leicester.

Most of the cast and crew are musicians, which led to the inevitable idea of using a soundtrack of local bands and artists from around Leicestershire. Band such as, Smokin’ The Profit, Mia and the Moon, Echo Marley, Burnin’ Clint’uns, The Strangler Figs, English Guns and many, many more were used in creating the soundtrack, which was backed up by a theatrical score.┬áThe team thought by having local music featured heavily in a project that you don’t see being made every day in our great city, that it could help reinvigorate the local music scene, and get more people out there making films and following their dreams.

The RockMan premieres on September 28th 2017 at Phoenix Leicester

Chris is a Sparrow.

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