Holly Ross and David Blackwell, better known as The Lovely Eggs, are a DIY, working class, lo-fi punk band hailing from Lancaster. They’ve been a band for over 10 years now, during which time they’ve released 5 albums, countless singles, and had one baby. Great Central chatted to Holly ahead of their headline tour which will bring them to The Musician in Leicester.

Being a DIY band they have their own label, Egg Records. ‘Egg Records is just us really. We self-release all our own records and I guess we had to have a name’ Holly explains. “The DIY ethic came out of necessity really but it’s something that’s become really important to us. We donít have a manager or a booking agent or a publisher or a record label. We do everything ourselves which leaves us totally free to do what we want.”

The DIY ethic extends beyond the band and into their local community, with their involvement in the Lancaster Music Coop. “It’s a non-profit making rehearsal room and recording studios in the centre of Lancaster. David has worked there for years and The Lovely Eggs have recorded all our albums there and that’s where we rehearse and stuff. It’s really important to us both as a place to record and write music and also what it represents which is a load of musicians sticking it to the man and managing to survive against the corporate greed of money hungry developers (who are constantly putting the building under threat). It’s a really important example of keeping yer chin up and keeping on going.”

Getting noticed and getting out on tour is never an easy task. Plus it requires transport. Something the Lovely Eggs do with typical Northern style in the infamous Eggmobile. “Well itís just our workhorse white van. We bought it to go on tour in Europe with Art Brut in about 2012 ‘cos it was cheaper than hiring one. We thought it wouldn’t last 6 months but 6 years on and the beast is still going strong! Originally it only had 3 seats in the front but then when I got pregnant we found three more seats on Ebay and bought em and got em welded into the back so it fits 6 now. There are too many tales to tell about that van but most of them involve breaking down or not being able to fit in multi-storey carparks.”

Speaking of getting pregnant, what has it been like touring with a child? “Touring with a kid is pretty tough but we don’t drink or party as much as we used to so I’d say it’s about the same weight as a fairly large hangover. So it evens itself out really. You might be up at 7am and sat in a ball pool having brightly coloured bits of plastic pelted at you by small children but at least yer not chucking up in a carrier bag on the way to soundcheck.”

And speaking of chucking up in a carrier bag, you have a love of a certain brand of cider. Does the maker know about this, have they ever offered to sponsor the band? “We did actually write to them once. I rang them and they told me to write a letter. So I wrote to them requesting 100 plus cans of free Strongbow that we could give out to our fans at an album launch party. They never replied. They don’t give a shit that I love Strongbow. I don’t think I’m necessarily a good advert for their brand!”

The shows in Leicester that Great Central has been to have always been a blast and inevitably end up with a singalong to Fuck It. It seems everybody loves a singalong sweary song. Have you any plans to write any more? “Nah. We don’t do anything like that on purpose for the purpose of swearing for swearing’s sake but it’s just the way people speak. And we write a lot of songs about our life so that tends to crop up quite a bit.”

On that subject, your Fuck It scarves get everywhere. What sort of unusual/famous places have you seen them? “The BEST ever was outside the Taj Mahal. A fan took it and sent it into us. Absolute classic that was.”

Magic Teapot brings The Lovely Eggs to The Musician on 24th October 2018.

Keith grew up in the time of punk, and has never lost his passion for music. A regular in the music venues of Leicester he's been helping chronicle the local scene for a number of years now.

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