I must begin with some context. After three back and forth missed calls, I was finally able to get through to Stuart only to be told he was at a service station in Staffordshire with poor signal and will ring back shortly.

Meanwhile, I had come back from town after getting the only house key of our new home from my Mother-in-Law, Linda. Whilst waiting for Stuart to ring back I then received a phone call from my wife saying she was in town and couldn’t get a hold of her mum and didn’t know where she was. It appeared my Mother-in-Law was now missing-in-action.

I get back in to my car and head back in to town when Stuart calls me letting me know he is stand still traffic on his way to Manchester for a gig. We are both flustered and on very different missions.

Also, it is vital to know that Stuart is one of the nicest comedians on the circuit which everyone says about everyone but he really is and has this wonderfully enthusiastic voice even when negotiating horrible traffic. So please read his words with genuine excitement.

Stuart! Sorry about this back and forth. Is everything ok?

Hiya! Everything is fine. Traffic is moving. How are you?

I’m good, I’ve lost my mother-in-law! Anyway, lets crack on with this interview. You’re touring again!

Oh my, I hope you find her. Yes! I’m touring for about three months, it’s my third tour so I know what I’m doing and it’s the with the show that I’m most proud of. Last year it won Best New Show at Leicester Comedy Festival 2017.

Amazing. Congratulations again on the award. It is well deserved and great to see someone who has so many years of experience getting recognised with an award. How did you feel about winning it?

You know what, comedians always have this thing of being overly modest but truthfully it felt great. It felt really great getting recognised for a show that was the best one I have done. It felt like getting my belly rubbed and who doesn’t like getting their belly rubbed.

How many shows have you done now?

Well, I’ve been going up to the Edinburgh Festival for 25years…

SIDE-NOTE Stuart used to do street performance at the Edinburgh Fringe. I can only assume he started this when he was five years old as still could pass for 30.

(Cont.) And I’ve now done seven solo shows. Each one has got better or made me a better comedian in some way shape or form.

And what is the plan…


Everything ok Stuart?

Sorry mate, but someone has stopped in the middle of the motorway. Think they’ve broken down. Trying to make my way around him. There we are. Next question please!

One second Stuart. I’m getting out of my car, going to try and find my Mother-in-law on foot.

No problem.

Right, anyway… next question- How do you think Leicester Festival can benefit from you and vice versa?

I really love the festival. I’ve been performing at it for so many years and I’m very comfortable there. I’ll be performing my tour for a few dates as well as doing my work-in-progress for next year. I’m hoping the award will do its job and bring in some star-lovers.

Not that it really needs it, your podcast has such a huge following and you’re a real fan favourite.

Yes. I cannot stress how much people should listen to a recent episode with Reginald D. Hunter, I firmly believe it is one of the best ones.

Does the new show… LINDA!!! Oh sorry, that’s not Linda… does the new show have any kind of theme, which I hate asking comedians.

Not as of yet, but I write and write and constantly am ticking over new ideas but what always ends up happening is that I realise the show is about anxiety. Bloody hell someone is right up my arse. Sorry, this guy behind is bumper to bumper. It also has a lot of elements from the show I will be touring in that I’ve got a baby now and am married.

Leicester looks forward to it. Good luck with your gig tonight!

Good luck with finding Linda.

Stuart Goldsmith is appearing at Leicester Comedy Festival. His ‘One Night Only’ Work in progress and his show ‘Like I Mean It’ are at The Criterion on 10th February. You can find his ‘Comedian’s Comedian’ Podcast online.


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