Cj Pandit, otherwise known as Magique, is a talented guy. Over the last couple of years he’s been quietly crafting dreamy, ambient indie-pop bangers and now he wants to share them with you.

“It’s been a strange twelve months”. Just over a year ago Magique was revealed to the world through dream-pop/funk/indie debut track ‘Baby Blue’. “With an intense amount of work and some mega highs and lows, I’m finally getting to see the pay off.”

Many artists have famously struggled with translating their recorded material into a live atmosphere and in this day and age with the endless amount of technology we have, it still happens. “It’s always a struggle, but it’s a really fun part of the process.” Luckily, Cj isn’t alone up there on stage. “I’m incredibly grateful to have the best bandmates who help bring the madness of the records back to their primary colours. I think the goal of any live show has and always will be to make people feel some form of intense emotion. Live music has always had the ability to move me in many ways, so as this grows I just want to be able to do that for people too.”

To get onto the festival circuit is always great for bands, especially new ones. Magique recently played as a part of Future Perfect’s ‘Ritual Union’ alongside the likes of Peace and Black Honey. “We’ll be out all summer at anywhere that’ll take us. UK festivals are the greatest… as long as the sun’s out!”

Alongside ‘Baby Blue’, Magique released their first single ‘Real Love’ this year. It’s B-Side ‘Syrup’ is a contrast to the rest of the recorded material out, with a much more mellow, Bon Iver-esque vibe. “I think Real Love and Syrup sum up what I’m aiming for, but my influences change like the weather. I think out of this years releases, Sampha’s ‘Process’ and The National’s ‘Sleep Well Beast’ have had the most immediate effects on my writing.”

But what is ‘Real Love’? “It’s that intense feeling you can’t describe or understand that washes over you from nowhere at the strangest of times, and the happiness you find in the unspoken understanding you have with that person that neither of you are perfect.”

In their live shows, Magique have covered The Boss aka Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Streets of Philadelphia’ which works perfectly with their sound. “I’ll always have a soft spot for Springsteen, Talk Talk and any of James Blake’s synth sounds. I’ve got a big love for melody and insane harmonies too, so 10cc can get thrown in for good measure.” So Magique already cover Bruce in their set, but what about a Karaoke song? “It has to be ‘Has It Come To This?’ by The Streets. Nothing beats pretending to be Mike Skinner when you’ve had a few drinks.

There is minimal Magique for the world to access but fear not as it looks like more is arriving very soon. “’Eventually’, the lead single from the EP is out in late January or maybe early February. Then the EP of 5/6 tracks will be released after, and it’s almost finished! I’m super proud of the music that’s coming out and I feel like it’s a real body of music and art that people will be able to find something personal in, which is a compelling prospect.”

Photography by Matthew Cawrey

Dylan Whatley is the creator of Slap Me On The Patio. He went to his first gig when he was 8 months old, though nowadays he no longer falls asleep in his pushchair when the headline act is on.

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