Leicester is a city of a thousand bands. From the young upstarts desperately seeking to find their sound to the avant-garde hip kids with their constant struggle to be cool, from the old school punk rockers reliving their youth to the road worn cover acts hoping to pay the bills.  

“Seeing each other’s faces when we have that chemistry on stage is worth its weight in gold.”

There is one local band that certainly doesn’t fit within any of these brackets. Uncompromising and paying little heed to the latest musical trends, they play heavy duty rock’n’roll with a big slap of blues, a dash of gypsy rhythms and the perfect sprinkling of psychedelia. A combination of a maniacal preacher like frontman, a curly haired guitar virtuoso and a banging father and son rhythm section, ladies and gentlemen, Leicester’s Goldwater are truly a sight to behold.

“Seeing each other’s faces when we have that chemistry on stage is worth its weight in gold.” proclaims drummer J.J. Kenna. “People going crazy about songs you’ve written is just amazing.” Certainly, Goldwater have established themselves among East Midland’s very best live acts, having rapidly become renowned for their incendiary live performances. Goldwater’s wild eyed, unpredictable 6’5” front man Grant Decker has played no mean role in cementing this reputation.  “This guy delivers in so many ways. A very unique style of vocals – equal parts preacher to the masses and howling and hollering! Add to this raucous stage presence and the ability to climb on anything that doesn’t move and his need to spend the majority of the time singing in the audience.” chortles bassist John Kenna, one of the major driving forces behind the band’s sound. Decker’s wild man stage antics exceeded themselves at the band’s most memorable show, a packed out De Montfort Hall during Leicester’s Simon Says Festival. “The gig was topped off by Grant scaling the balcony and proceeding to preach to the huge crowd below” exclaims John. At one point during Gypsies Kiss he literally ordered everyone to sit on the floor and to our amazement everyone there did just that!”.

Yet, there is much more to Goldwater than a riotous blues rock band with a singer that climbs on stuff. “Our sound has evolved to include elements of gypsy, garage rock and even early metal” points out Decker, “we’re keen not to limit ourselves to a certain ‘sound’ and restrict ourselves. The new songs take us further away from blues rock towards a more urgent, sinister sound”. The group’s diverse musical influences are distinctly apparent in crowd favourite Take Back Desire. “The origins of this particular song, musically, lie in the sounds and music of Marrakesh. I had been on a trip there and taken a small recorder with me and recorded various sounds.” details guitarist Carl Dawson, “I then brought the tune into our studio and the band took hold of it and thrashed it into Take Back Desire”.

Goldwater play he Cookie Saturday March 24th where they will be shooting footage for their next single, Warpath.


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