Foxing has made quite the impression with their last album Dealer and fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the follow-up. It’s been a crazy 12 months for the band and March sees them head over to the UK for a short tour.

With over two years of nearly solid touring and little time off, things have been intense. They’ve had their trailer stolen and struggled with writer’s block. Singer Conor had his nose broken at one of their shows and the band had a terrifying near-miss when they were in a head-on collision. Luckily, only some of them sustained minor injuries. It seems like they’ve been carving out one hell of a story. So, with all this, how are the band getting their heads around a new album?

We caught up with Eric Hudson (guitar/vocals) who tells us it hasn’t been a bed of roses. “Conor and I spent a lot of time working on new material in 2016, despite not feeling up to it. He admits that writing Dealer was stressful because “they were forced to”, and explains “we had toured relentlessly and we felt a lot of pressure to release a new record sooner rather than later.” He adds: “On this new record, taking our time is extremely important to me. Having the ability to walk away and be comfortable is important to gain perspective on what you’re doing. When I look back on Dealer, I think all of its shortcomings as a record and the things I don’t like about certain songs are products of feeling rushed into putting out a record. I think that record would’ve been better had we taken more time and had a chance to understand the type of record we were making.”

Any writer’s block this time? Eric explains, “I think it wasn’t actually writer’s block, it was our band dynamic being unhealthy.” Without assigned songwriters, it was “truly a disaster.” He adds: “You should never have writer’s block that is based around the idea of ‘will anybody like this?’” I’ve really struggled with that and came to the conclusion that if I worry about that when writing a song, I end up writing something that feels disingenuous to me, and is often a worse song than it could’ve been.”

This time, they’re also writing back home and in the comfort of their own practice space, which according to Eric makes a big difference. “Being trapped in a cabin and forced to write a record is something I’ll never do again in the context of a band.”

What does Eric love and hate about band life? “I love writing songs, I’ve dedicated my life to it. I enjoy performing most of the time, there are certainly days that I’d rather be anywhere than on stage. I’ve had panic attacks during our setup on stage when I didn’t want to be there, but I had to anyway. I hate the politics of being in a band. Once it becomes your living, then it starts to feel like you’re running a business and not a band. You’ll meet people who are more interested in the money they can make off of you, than you as a human being, and fans who don’t respect personal boundaries (for the record I love our fans, but there are some who take it too far).”

Finally, what should the fans expect at their Leicester show?  Eric says: “Well, we are going to fucking rage!” And what haven’t we seen yet? “You haven’t seen our band happy.”

Foxing play Firebug on Friday 17th March. 


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