There needs to be a word for when you look at someone’s face and you immediately think “I bet they are very nice and love life and are funny and charming and a general hoot to have a chat with” and that word needs to be applied to Chris Ramsey. Chris is arguably one of the most successful of the newer breed of comedians and has worked tirelessly to claim the high honour of having his tour show at De Montfort Hall.

An absolute delight who we have all become familiar with from his Live at the Apollo, 8 out 10 Cats, Mock the Week, Live at the Comedy Store, Celebrity Juice, 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, Hebburn and of course The Chris Ramsey Show appearances. He is very excited to be returning to Leicester’s top-flight venue after appearing at De Montfort Hall whilst supporting Al Murray years ago when Chris was (and still is) a fresh faced chummy affable comedian- “It was a goal from when I was supporting Al and I told myself that I would one day have my own show at this incredible venue”.

Chris has played almost every possible venue in Leicester since first performing stand-up comedy back in 2007 in his native Newcastle (he’s actually from South Shields but alliteration comes before the truth). “I’ve played the Cookie and the Little Theatre, and I’ve even done a gig at the Nando’s and the cinema! I think I’ve done about the same number of gigs outside of actual comedy venues as I have inside them in Leicester”

He is wonderfully complimentary about Leicester and stated “I always make sure I get Leicester on my tours, its got to a point where I know the one-way systems like the back of my hand” as well as saying about the usual Leicester audiences “they are always up for it, and know how to laugh at themselves as well as with me, which is surprisingly important for a stand-up show”.

The show is set to be a masterclass in the conversational/observational stand-up style that Chris has made his own. However, there is a new sense of maturity as Chris (despite probably still being regularly asked for ID) is in-fact a husband and a father and the show takes on the always hilarious concept of mortality and will making. There is no doubt that Chris will be able inject his relatable and lad next door take on these topics. Chris even provided his own greatest compliment “An audience member told me once that I remind them of Billy Connolly, in the sense that it is like having a chat with your mate, which was such a honour as he is everyone’s comedy idol”.

With regards to other projects Chris told Great Central “I’ve got a plan to make a podcast with my wife as she is a pro on Instagram, so be sure to look out for that”.

The De Montfort Hall dates picks up again after a summer break and will also feature Chris’s regular tour support act that is the excellent and fellow Geordie, Carl Hutchinson.

The ‘Happy to Get Out of the House Tour’ is on September 8th at De Montfort Hall.


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