Bath’s indie-pop 5-piece have been selected as Annie Mac’s much coveted ‘Hottest Record in the World’ on numerous occasions, as well as  ‘Tune of the Week’ on her BBC Radio 1 show. Their debut album, Get Better, was released in August and features tracks Wages and Evil Powers. We spoke to Ewan from Bad Sounds about his band and their music, as well as why him and brother Callum are not the ‘next Gallaghers’ when it comes to sibling rivalry and the reason their music videos are terrifying.

Bad Sounds are Ewan and Callum, Charlie, Olivia and Sam. The band are rapidly gaining momentum, especially after completing a recent in-store tour to promote their debut album over the summer.

The name Bad Sounds was inspired by a miscellaneous mixtape they came across when looking for a band name, but the music produced by this band is far from ‘bad’ and Radio 1’s Annie Mac would be the first to agree. She has been a fan “from the beginning” and called their song, Avalanche, the “sound of the future”. On Annie Mac’s stalwart support, Ewan said that her support was invaluable and we agreed that she has impeccable taste in music. 

As Ewan and Callum are brothers in a band, they are often asked how they tend to get on and if there is conflict between the two, but it seems the Bad Sounds siblings won’t become as infamous as Noel and Liam Gallagher (in terms of silbling rivalry) any time soon, since Ewan stated that he didn’t understand the expectation that they would, or should, hate each other. “[The Gallaghers] give brothers a bad name” he joked. Adding that hew was sent to a school in a different town as a child and so him and his brother “were all they had,” therefore the two did the opposite of what was expected and actually formed a close bond. 

The Get Better album is packed with indie/dance bangers. One of the songs from it, Evil Powers, is accompanied by a particulary spooky music video. Its scary nature is very Halloween-appropriate. “Guys, it’s bad, the demon, the literal demon..!,” on onlooker exclaims in the video.   Ewan spoke about how the making of the video fulfilled their “Eraserhead-inspired fantasies”, so to speak, and also told us an amusing anecdote of when a band member  [Sam or Charlie?] had to lie in “sticky, fake blood” for over 2 hours only for it to be cut from the scene. Not sure he would find it as funny!

Current single, Wages, came about when they felt frustrated with their day jobs and is a song many people can relate to. It also demonstrates their desire to work as full-time musicians and (“wrong guy paying my wages/my patience is paper thin”). 

Having played Reading and Leeds, they return to Leicester with their infectious, upbeat and genre-bending sound. The band have played in Leicester before but felt they were still “finding their feet” and now feel more confident and with a “better produced” show; with live shows being described as “frankly bonkers”  and promising to be “a full-on party,” this is not one to miss!

Bad Sounds Play The Cookie on 27 October. It is Sold Out. 


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