Some bands come and go, but these Brummie boys have stuck with it through and through – it can only be, The Twang. Even with four albums spanning an impressive thirteen year career, there has arguably never been a more exciting time to pay attention to the band who released the game-changing ‘Love It When I Feel Like This’; they are offering fans the chance to see it live, in full, for the very first time. 

Boasting a legendary presence on the stage, their boisterous and astounding back-catalogue must be heard live to truly appreciate its turbulent influence and grandeur. But, that isn’t all. They are releasing a greatest hits compilation featuring a collection of personal and fan favourites. We sit down with Phil Etheridge to get the details of what is shaping to be, once again, the year of The Twang.

With the announcement of a greatest hits album, ‘Either Way, It’s The Best Of The Twang’, what were the signals that it was the right time to release a compilation of what you consider to be your finest work?

It’s just something I always wanted to do… Without sounding too Alan Partridge, I discovered a lot of my favourite bands through their ‘Best Of’s’ and I wanted something out there for the next generation to be able to find and hopefully go, “Fuck they were pretty good weren’t they, The Twang?”

How difficult was the selection process of choosing songs to make the cut for the Greatest Hits? And are there any songs that you particularly wanted to be featured that didn’t make it?

I feel the only reason we haven’t disappeared like a load of other bands is we’re good live so the running order of the record is roughly what we believe to be our best live set. It took a few jogs, many different playlists and some hardcore culling but it’s there now and I’m super proud of it.

You’re about to tour the debut album ‘Love It When I Feel Like This’, is there any particular tracks you are looking forward to playing again after such a long time?

We’ve already started jammin a few of ‘em and they’re sounding great.  Real youthful like.  Carefree! I couldn’t pick one to be honest.

Do you feel that the debut album is a personal favourite of your own work?

It’s the thing that changed my life… it paid for my first house, it meant I could travel and got to meet certain people that I now class as friends so yeah it’ll always be special.

Playing shows can be immensely demanding, on tour how do you unwind and keep it interesting before each show?

I’m gonna save watching the new Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes till then and there’s nothing more I love than a little mooch round the shelves in each city to see if I can find myself a jacket or some plimsols that’ll lift my spirits… bar that, I’ll just get quietly drunk each night and try and stay away from our bass player’s lunacy.

How do you feel that the Birmingham music scene has changed since the release of the debut album? And are there any artists you feel deserve to be spotlighted?

I’ve a few friends that are promotors in Brum so I’m always asking em what’s happening and that.. it’s well known that we’ve had most the little shits support us over the years and yeah we’ll hopefully be bringing a few of the new crop out with us on this tour and are just in final stages of locking that all in, so yeah news on that coming soon.  You should check Sugerthief… Proper cool little fuckers!

The last time you played Leicester was a hectic evening, but coming back, is there anything you would hope to promise fans besides the chance to hear the beloved debut album in full?

Well, I can assure you that I’m gonna do my utmost to keep Jon boy out the pub before the show…  saying that it’d be shit if every gig was the same though eh?  It’s gonna be fun, promise!

The Twang play Leicester’s O2 Academy on Saturday 16th December. Get Tickets Here.

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