Ahead of their appearance at TexFest this month, we caught up with Glaswegian indie mainstays The Fratellis.
What’s happening with The Fratellis at the moment? Tell us about your tour and new album, In Your Own Sweet Time.
Been Very busy since the album dropped in March. UK tour, followed by a month in America now we’re into festival season so all good, we’ve been blown away by the response to the new songs.

What’s your favourite song from the new album?
I’m still in love with all of it but currently I think I Am That is one of the best things we’ve ever done.

Would you say the new album is a change in direction from your previous records, or is it more a natural progression?
I’d say natural progression. I strongly feel bands should do what they feel at the time is right for them otherwise it could all get very boring. If people like it then that’s a bonus.

Was recording this album different from previously, i.e. in terms of motivations behind it? I’ve heard that you described it as a “spontaneous” process. Please elaborate!
Not sure if it was me or Jon who said that so hard to elaborate! It was one of the more enjoyable recording sessions though, I remember being blown away listening to the rough play backs of what we had done in the first 5 days.

What were the pros and cons of recording this album in LA?
Pros: Sun, sun, vibe, sun, focus, sun
Cons: more time away from family 

Do you enjoy touring?
Yes, traveling around in a mobile pub with your friends playing music for people isn’t a bad job.

What do your fans mean to you? (Feel free to be as cheesy as you would like.)
Fans can always expect us to be honest. What you see is what you get, 4 guys playing amazing music with no gimmicks. The fans are everything because simply without them we are fucking nothing! That’s never lost on us.

When people, such as myself, bring up ‘Chelsea Dagger’, what are your initial reaction and thoughts?
I’m still very proud of that song. Not many bands have an anthem, we do. So love it or hate it you’ve probably heard it so job done. 
Where can we find you when you are not touring, and what do you get up to?
Chilling with my kids normally. When I’m not away doing the dream job I’m home doing the other dream job, being a dad.
TexFest Runs from the 29th June to 1st July at Market Harborough Showground.

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