Tomorrow sees Declan McKenna return to Leicester, having worked his way up from The Cookie to the O2 Academy. Ahead of the show, we caught up with Declan for some quick questions about the journey, festivals and Jools Holland…

You played Leicester for the first time at The Cookie, about two years ago now. You could say you’ve been quite successful since then! How has ‘the journey’ been for you?

Yeh the last two years have been great, it doesn’t feel like much has changed even though a lot has, there’s been such a constant flow of things happening it’s almost like I’ve stumbled into where I am now, a very decent stumble at that though.

Your live shows are always a treat, full of glitter and great tunes. Anything special planned for your biggest tour to date?

Gold boxes, gold drums, gold keyboards, gold cabs, gold hearts etc

Your debut album came out this year, you’re going to head out on your biggest tour and you got to play Glasto (again!). What has been your favourite moment of 2017 so far?

Possibly latitude festival? Just felt like a real moment for me and the band in the middle of a really stressful weekend, one of those few moments where you realise you still haven’t properly taken everything in yet. Was very special

You were on the last series of the legendary ‘Later… with Jools Holland’. If you could air your own music show for one night only, who would you book? 

St Vincent, Danny Brown, The Orielles, UMO, Homeshake, probably some oldie who’s back on tour after 25 years off

Declan McKenna plays O2 Academy Leicester on Saturday 21st October. Tickets are available here.

Dylan Whatley is the creator of Slap Me On The Patio. He went to his first gig when he was 8 months old, though nowadays he no longer falls asleep in his pushchair when the headline act is on.

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