Leicester folk musician Grace Petrie is seeking extras aged between 16 and 30 for a video shoot next month.

The video is for new song ‘Black Tie’ and will see the singer songwriter take to the stage at a Queer Prom.

Grace Says:

“Black Tie is the lead track off my new album Queer As Folk which is out in September. It is without doubt the song that means the most to me.

“Anyone who’s ever felt like they didn’t fit within the lines society has drawn for us of what girls and boys are rigidly told they should and shouldn’t be will know that it is not easy to grow up feeling like you don’t match one of those cookie cutters. When I was young I was deeply insecure about the way that I looked and dressed, because then – and now – we didn’t and don’t have hardly any mainstream representation of masculine girls and women. Now I am lucky to be able to say that after many years I am truly comfortable with who and how I am, but I’ve never forgotten how much, as a teenager, I would have appreciated seeing positively presented butch women somewhere on the stage or screen. I ended up writing Black Tie as a sort of letter to myself as a teenager, a joyous celebration of making it through unhappy adolescence to be your true self without apology.

“With all that in mind, me and brilliant director Eric Revill-Dews want to make a video for Black Tie that gets down to the very heart of the song – which is all about teenage angst, formalwear, and happy endings – by staging, what else, but a PROM SCENE! For that, of course, we need extras – which is where I need your help.

“We need a crowd to be our prom attendees/an audience for me and my band (who will be on stage as the “prom band” performing the song). What is most important to me in filming this is clearly showing a diverse audience of queer and gender non-conforming identities having a great time and living their best lives. So if you’re someone who – like me – didn’t get to wear what they were comfortable in at their own prom or formal, it will be a chance to reclaim that in a supportive, queer-centred environment.”

For more information, visit the facebook event for the video shoot.

Chris is a Sparrow.

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