Swimming in the wake of huge performances from Kasabian, a massively successful Handmade Festival and something to do with a bloke called Vardy and football; Leicester is becoming a city firmly on the map. At The Cookie, Nik Sharpe is keeping that momentum going with the third installment of the What Became of Us All Dayer.

With previous performers including God Damn, Blossoms and Cheetahs, this year the event has expanded, taking over The Bullingdon in Oxford and running an A/B style line up for the weekend including Yuck, Ghengar and Toy, as well as newcomers like Willie J Healey and Cabbage. This mish-mash of established touring acts and grassroots musicians is an important element of everything that Nik and The Cookie put together:

“The aim of the festival is to showcase the bands of tomorrow.”

“As a venue we’re a massive supporter of local artists and work with them to create a plan for them within the scene. It’s important bands play the right shows, in front of the right people. This year we’ve booked a load of local acts who we are really into such as Alligatr, Lacura and Wolfsburg Music. It’s important these bands get good billing.”

Culturally speaking, Leicester has never been an ‘A’ city for touring bands, so to be able to pull headliners like these into the city breeds hope for establishing it on the circuit. Having said that, Ghengar have already had several successful shows at The Cookie and have great things to say about Leicester.

“We’ve played a few times now over the past year or so. The city seems to have a really nice relaxed atmosphere and the crowds have always been amazing. We’re currently recording our new album so we are planing on road testing a few new ideas, so hopefully that will be exciting for everyone.“

Our humble little city is one often overlooked for musical talent. Outside of acts like Kasabian, we have struggled to hit it big for rockstars. However, our grassroots scene is one to be supremely proud of.

Acts like Alligatr are starting to make some noise, and look to be one to watch. We Three and The Death Rattle are also making an appearance for this show. Since their untimely break from music a few years ago they have been relatively quiet, so this should prove to be quite an event for them. It seems that providing something new and exciting for music fans in the Midlands is something  Nik firmly believes in.

“The aim of the festival is to showcase the bands of tomorrow. We’ve had a pretty good success rate so far with Blossoms and Spring King going on to pretty big things in the past 12 months. This is the ethos as for my bookings at The Cookie as a whole, but this particular event means I can put a load of awesome bands together across two days and give real value for money.”

Who doesn’t enjoy value for money? For just £10 for an advance ticket to both days, you can feast your eyes on all these bands in what has become one of the best loved bars in the city, as Nik explains:

“The Cookie has become a hub for live music and that certainly helps with an event like this. We have a group of regulars who come to pretty much everything we do and who love to hang around in the bar and up on the terrace. The Cookie has created this great vibe which just makes people want to hang there all day and be part of a creative hub.”

The past three years of WBOU have been fantastically successful, with strong ticket sales and people queuing throughout the afternoon. Shows like this are special, and part of what makes our city so fantastic in its own way. It feels as if there is something secret about these events in Leicester and it’s partly because of that that it’s so damn popular.

After speaking with Ghengar, it seems that they share The Cookie’s enthusiasm for championing new music and providing a platform for the next big thing.

“We were lucky enough to play a lot of local shows before getting our act together and played our first ever headline show just down the road from where we went to school. I think it’s so important that you build from home outwards as that will probably always be your most loyal base of support. ”

Looking through past line-ups, it’s obvious that Nik has an eye for upcoming music. With a track record as solid as previous years, can you really afford to miss out?

WHAT BECAME OF US? takes over The Cookie on the 14th and 15th October with Genghar, Yuck, Toy and more.

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