Even when February’s over, the critically-acclaimed comedy acts just keep on rolling into Leicester. Tiff Stevenson, of The Office and BAFTA-nominated People Just Do Nothing fame, brings her Edinburgh Fringe-dominating show Bombshell to Firebug on 1st April. Yes, 1st April. No, really. No really, that’s actually… look, it’s not a joke, that’s really when the show is, we promise.

Fringe veteran Stevenson attracted a slew of 4- and 5-star reviews with Bombshell, with Funny Women highlighting the show as a “must-see” in Edinburgh and Broadway Baby calling it “either proud or mad, either girl power or suicidal, but always worth hearing”. Stevenson herself happily identifies as “oscillating wildly between Sylvia Plath and Beyonce”, a sentiment reflected in Bombshell’s skilful application of an uncompromising personal lens to the world’s every social and political mess.

Stevenson’s career has trod another line with great success – she’s as seasoned an on-stage performer as you’ll find, but has also racked up an astonishing portfolio of TV appearances, with panel slots on Mock the Week, 8 Out of 10 Cats, Never Mind the Buzzcocks and countless others alongside her acting roles. It’s an impressive CV, and one that explains her utter fearlessness in taking on any subject matter she deems worthy of being brought down a peg. But what Stevenson’s act offers is far from the sprint of rehearsed chop-and-change one-liners that panel regulars tend towards – she prides herself on bringing substance with her style, and the satirical edge she wields cuts to the core of every issue, ruthlessly righting the world’s wrongs.

Stevenson will bring all of that TV-tested finesse with her as she tours the show nationwide – and when she hits Leicester on 1st April (YES, REALLY), “Belva Lockwood fused with your drunken aunt” will be ready to drop Bombshell in her inimitable style.

Tiff Stevenson brings Bombshell to Firebug on the 1st April.

Charles Wheeler is a writer, performance poet and shameless cultural hanger-on. In his spare time, he can be found refereeing pro wrestling and looking after his pet rats. He is ambivalent about Marmite.

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