Nobody could ever accuse Leicester of being a city which isn’t switched on to cinema.  From the big-time multiplex experiences of Showcase’s Cinema De Lux in the Highcross and the Odeon Cinema on Welford Road to the arthouse, international and indie presentations found within Phoenix Cinema on Midland Street; it doesn’t take a lot of searching to find a film worth watching within the city limits.

However, actual cinemas aren’t the only places you can catch films and film-related content in the city.  One of the more surprising locations is Firebug on Horsefair Street, who have been presenting a number of film screenings under the guise of the Firebug Film Club for the last number of years.  While these events usually consist of themed double-bills, a number of their outings have been specifically themed evenings presented alongside Midlands Movies – and the next one is coming up very soon.

On August 23rd, Firebug & Midlands Movies will present their 13th combined event; a screening of the 1997 cult classic hit Con Air, starring Nicholas Cage (National Treasure), John Malkovich (Being John Malkovich) and Steve Buscemi (Fargo) as prisoners being transferred aboard a purpose-fitted jumbo jet, aptly called The Jailbird.

The Midland’s Movies iterations of the Firebug Film Club have gained notoriety for their unusual and highly enjoyable extracurricular activities surrounding each film.  Their screening of Star Wars featured a presence from real Stormtroopers; and the much-lauded screening of This Is Spinal Tap during this year’s Leicester Comedy Festival featured live accompaniment from an actual metal band. For this screening, the Midlands Movies team will be looking to adorn the audience with the traditional orange jumpsuits and place everyone in handcuffs, to ensure the security of the staff while the film is being screened (which, we assume, is likely to go as well as handcuffing the passengers of The Jailbird did).  In order to take the edge off the impractically of watching a film while shackled*, the Midlands Movies team will be bringing their usual range of treats and silly nonsense to the event; providing a host of Con Air themed food and drinks, free temporary tattoos and a heap of competitions and prizes – including prizes for fancy dress…

On top of this; the screening will start off with a showcase of work from local artists and filmmakers, working within the remit of Midlands Movies to bring great cinema to a wider audience within Leicester and beyond, combining the love and presentation of classic and cult cinema with exposing the work of local, talented rising stars to a new audience.

To find out more about the Firebug Film Club’s screening of Con Air, check out the Facebook event page. You can find Midlands Movies online at

*Shackling will only take place with the express permission of the individual audience members**.



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