Things have definitely been booming for Meatcure since Rob Martyniak and Paul Rigby took the leap and opened their first restaurant in Market Harborough three years ago. Now, five restaurants later, we caught up with Rob to ask him what makes them one of Leicester’s most interesting food destinations…

MeatcureRobandPaul“We’ve worked very hard to be where we are today, but we definitely didn’t get in to this business to get rich quick and get out!” says Rob. Both partners have a long history as restauranteurs, and decided that combining both their experiences in the field could only lead to good things. “Meatcure is not just a faceless brand, and it’s not just a burger restaurant either. We’ve aimed to create a casual restaurant, but with a prime dining experience”. It’s taken time though – four and a half months to create the perfect brioche and a year to perfect their signature patty – and it’s the combination of the two that gives you a burger that dreams are made of.

Beyond the menu it’s clear that they strive to create a unique atmosphere in all their restaurants; “We try to build somewhere we would be really excited about going to ourselves, restaurants we want to hang out in,” says Rob. That means that the pair put their heart, soul and bare hands in to each one. “We’re always looking for cool buildings to open up a new restaurant in. We don’t want to be just another typical high street chain. We work 14 hours a day, building everything in the restaurants with only a limited amount of help from others, using up-cycled wood, peeling back layers of paint to uncover beautiful brickwork.”

 “not just a faceless brand”

meatcure saladRob and Paul get the inspiration for their restaurants from New York’s Meatpacking district: “Everybody loves New York and Brooklyn. There’s a specific atmosphere in American diners, especially the ones that take you back to the ‘40’s or ‘50’s.” They have tried to recreate that feeling with Meatcure, and seem to have succeeded. “There’s an older couple that used to live in Las Vegas, and when they moved back to the UK they decided to never eat a burger outside of the US again. Why would you if you’ve been lucky enough to have a real burger? It took some persuasion, but eventually they decided to try ours, and now they’re regulars that eat at Meatcure at least once a week.”

So what makes Meatcure successful enough that people are regularly ask the founders to open a restaurant in their town? “When we opened the first restaurant in Market Harborough, we did so because we felt that there was a need for a quality burger restaurant in the Midlands. And apparently there was, because we’ve built quite a following since then.” Only last month, Meatcure finished a crowd funding campaign to allow people to invest in the opening of 5 new restaurants in 2017.

So if you have some cravings to satisfy, why not give Meatcure a try? “We’re one big family, so come and hang out with some friends and soak up the atmosphere while enjoying gourmet food. Don’t always go for the bright lights you can see on the high street, support your local businesses and be a bit cooler than the rest”



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