With Simon Says on the horizon we asked our writers who they were excited to see at the two day De Montfort Hall music event…

Uncle Frank

Becca Bryers – “because you’re always guaranteed to be entertained (and usually surprised). It’s impossible not to dance.”

Ash Mammal

Matt Cawrey – “their live performance will exponentially enrich your life and make you a better human being.”


Keith Jobey – “I caught a couple of their numbers at Handmade Festival and it was enough to convince me that they’re worthy of more of my time.”


Adrian Manning –  “Leicester’s post punk ambient sound sculptors fronted by the northern tones of a poet of truth in Pete Ingram.”

Ex Comets

David Wilson Clarke – “The sound of deep space conspiracy and paranoia wrapped up in cool riffs – the sound of the atmospheres colliding. Her Name is Calla – majestic, symphonic – the soundtrack to a film that hasn’t been made but should be.”

Her Name Is Calla

Natasha Stapleton –  “A humid storm would be the perfect partner for their apocalyptic sound, Tom’s vocals would act as protection and shelter. A dramatic but delightful live performance.”

The Daydream Club

Becca Bryers – “because their music is so lovely and distinctly them. I love their approch to their music and the industry – plus they are such genuinely nice people.”

Charlotte Carpenter

Dan Wallbank – “I saw her for the first time at Handmade and I was instantly a fan. Dark, intelligent songs in the vein of Carina Round or Leicester’s own Courtney Askey.”

Hymn For Her

Emily Harris – “Described as “Hell’s Angels meets the Amish,” a high energy hillbilly duo, playing everything from harmonica and electric cigar box guitar to the horizon of their musical territory.”


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