If you’ve been anywhere near Silver Arcade lately – or indeed, checked out our esteemed editor’s Instagram story – chances are you already know about Doughnotts. You might even be one of those adventurous souls who made the short hop up the M1 to check out their original Nottingham digs or their first outpost in Derby. Either way, Doughnotts has landed in Leicester, and we’re all quite literally in for a treat.

“The response in Leicester has been absolutely overwhelming,” Director/Co-Owner Megan Scaddan tells GC. “We knew we had a good following, but Leicester has blown Nottingham and Derby out of the water. On the opening day we sole 3,000 doughnuts in Leicester alone! Even a month on it’s still our busiest shop”

Doughnotts started as the humble Nottingham Doughnut Company, a shot-in-the-dark venture between Scaddan and partner Wade Smith when they were short on cash. “We decided on doughnuts as there weren’t that many independent doughnut places. We started off delivering, then went to events, then opened the Nottingham shop in 6 months!”

The momentum hasn’t slowed down since. “Nottingham was flying, and we thought if we can open one, why can’t we open more?!” After pouring half a year into finding the right location in Derby, Megan and Wade opened up in a picturesque 3-floor store that was “decorated perfectly – we just had to put a counter in!” The growth wasn’t seamless, and Scaddan is full of praise for the staff who worked overtime to get things stable – “bless them – especially the bakers!” – but the doughnuts speak for themselves, packing the stores with customers, and eventually two were ready to become three.

Leicester was a logical next stop for delights such as the Cream Egg doughnut (yes, it’s stuffed with an actual Creme Egg), its peanut-caramel Thicka Than a Snicka cousin, or the vegan Bakewell Tart and Party Ring favourites. “Leicester is a big city and has had a lot going on recently,” Scaddan explains. “The shop is in a perfect location just outside the Highcross, and it’s also not too far for our drivers.” It’s also Scaddan’s personal favourite of their three locations – “the decor, the location, everything!”

Yes, despite the ties to one of our big rivals, Dougnotts are right at home in Leicester. And while we might need to take the team on a little tour of the city to brush up their history – “you found the remains of King Henry, was it?” – their expertise in their field of choice is beyond question. Scaddan is excited about expanding west and north when the time is right, but for now, Doughnotts is proudly exclusive to the East Midlands. We recommend scoffing a few now, so you can say you were there before they conquered the world.

Charles Wheeler is a writer, performance poet and shameless cultural hanger-on. In his spare time, he can be found refereeing pro wrestling and looking after his pet rats. He is ambivalent about Marmite.

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